Curatorial Projects and Publications


Marta Chaffee: From Here to There, an exhibition at The Armory Center for the Arts


Chris Kallmyer: All Possible Spaces, an exhibition at the Sam Francis Gallery, Crossroads School


All Possible Spaces, an exhibition by Chris Kallymer, Sam Francis Gallery at Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences


The Average Mysterious and the Shirt Off its Back, a performance by Shana Lutker, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

Following Beatrix: A Performance by Flora Wiegmann, Occidental College Campus

Now Be Here, Los Angeles, 2016, Kim Schoenstadt, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel

2015  (All exhibitions were presented at the Weingart Gallery at Occidental College unless otherwise noted)


Heather Rasmussen: Sculptures, photographs and movement

Emily Sudd: Decorative Objects


Anticipatio, an exhibition by The Open Score Workshop organized by Lucky Dragons.

I Think We’re Alone Now, an exhibition of work by Robert Fontenot.

The Trouble Between Us, an exhibition organized by Kenneth Tam featuring work by Patty Chang, Josh Mannis, Pat McElnea, Maria Petschnig, Kenneth Tam and Kaari Upson.

We Will Show You Fear in a Handful of Dust by Finishing School with Nadia Afghani and Matt Fisher, Occidental College Campus

Devon Tsuno: Watershed


KNITTING NATION Phase 12: H2O, Occidental College Campus

2012  (All projects were performative works presented at MOCA Grand Avenue unless otherwise noted)

Two in the Bush by CamLab

Dubious Equalities by CamLab

By CamLab

Loving You Is Like Fucking the Dead a performative work in three parts by Liz Glynn

Critical Campout, LA Urban Rangers

L.A. River Ramble, LA Urban Rangers, presented at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Bunker Hill Expedition, LA Urban Rangers

In the Air, Neighborhood Public Radio

In Your Ear, Neighborhood Public Radio

And Now We All Dance, Ryan Heffington

Organized Open Platform for Art Platform-Los Angeles Art Fair


Live Sprawl, a performative work by Lucky Dragons presented at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

2009 (All projects were performative works presented at MOCA Grand Avenue unless otherwise noted)

The Fourth Wall, My Barbarian

BRUTALISM! A Dance Performance featuring Dub City Tribe, Slanguage

Slanguage, about Psychicinema Multiplex


Flesh Car Crash, OJO

Color Chorus, OJO

Moca Grand Prix by Knifeandfork,

Hand of God, Knifeandfork 

Emptiness is Form (Golf and Donuts), Knifeandfork

"Not Los Angeles", Organized with Zachary Kaplan for the Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles featuring work by Lita Albuquerque, Brian Boyer, Alexandra Grant, Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin, and Joel Kyack.

2008 (All projects were performative works presented at MOCA Grand Avenue unless otherwise noted)

Finding Joy

Drug Run, a performative work by Finishing School

Executive Order Karaoke


Developed partnerships with twenty-nine local arts organizations and institutions and oversaw the production of the reinventions of a selection of the artist’s Happenings in conjunction with Allan Kaprow— Art as Life, various locations throughout Los Angeles


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